What is the Best Time of Year to Have Your Roof Replaced?

January 2023
Best Time to Replace a Roof

One of the primary questions asked by those concerned about their roof integrity is the better time of year to replace it. Is one period better than the other? When can I get the best price? These are all queries answered in this guide.

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Is There a Better Time of Year for Roof Replacements?

Roofing contractors work all year round, so no matter the season, you'll likely be able to find a company to replace your roof. However, some seasons might be better for your roof replacement circumstances, such as if you want a reasonable price or faster service.

Some periods may suit your requirements more than others. Let's look at the seasons to understand price and contractor availability.

Here's a Summary of Roof Replacements in Different Seasons

Gauging the best time of year to replace your roof requires a breakdown of the seasons and what they mean for contractors doing the replacement. Find a description of each below.


Spring is commonly seen as an ideal period for roof replacements. The weather is generally mild, meaning fewer interruptions to labour and shorter work. However, as spring weather can be more volatile, it may not be as ideal for a replacement as summer but not as hindering as winter. Contractors are also usually more available for work in the spring season.


Summer is considered the off-peak season for roof replacements. More contractors are available because fewer homeowners find roof issues during the season, and the weather is ideal for labour.


Autumn is undoubtedly the peak season for roof replacements. Homeowners start to notice any apparent issues with their roofs and show concerns about their properties for the upcoming winter. This season is busy, and hiring contractors could be more challenging and pricey.


Winter is generally considered an unideal period for roof replacements. The harsher weather and colder temperatures can cause issues with materials and labour. However, the winter season also sees many emergency repairs, so finding a contractor can be more complicated than expected.

So, which season is most suited to have your roof replaced?

Which is the Best Season to Have Your Roof Replaced?

There's no set-in-stone best season to replace your roof, and the circumstances surrounding the required work could vary. However, some seasons are more suited to achieve what the homeowner wants in their roof replacements.

Most homeowners will look at the best price for their new roofs. These contractors provide expedited service or get their roofs winter-ready. Find the best-suited season for each of those objectives below.

• Get the Best Price

If price is a driving factor for your roof replacements, you can get the best estimates during an off-peak period. Arguably, summer would be the best time of year to have your roof replaced. That's likely that your local contractors have little work going on and can offer a better rate than usual.

Avoid autumn, as prices will increase due to higher demand for roof replacements or repairs. Winter is also best avoided, as prices could be very high due to the volume of emergency work required from roofers.

• Receive Faster Service

It's understandable if time is of the essence. Nobody likes extended periods where their home is under renovation, or intrusive labour interrupts their home life. So what's the best time of year if you want a faster roof replacement?

Spring and summer are ideal times for faster service, considering that contractors will likely have fewer jobs and can dedicate their time to completing your work. Avoid autumn and winter if you wish for fast completion because the roofer will probably be swamped with tasks.

• Prepare for Adverse Weather Conditions

Winter is when your roof will face the harshest conditions. Therefore, getting it replaced is essential before the adverse weather arrives. Ensure that you get your roof replaced in the autumn to prepare if you're concerned that your current roof won't be able to handle the upcoming winter.

Where Can I Get a Quote for a Roof Replacement?

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