Do I Need Planning Permission to Replace My Roof?

February 2023
Do I Need Planning Permission to Replace My Roof

Getting any construction work done can be hindered by the administrative processes of planning permission. Many homeowners needing parts of their property refurbished or replaced are in limbo about whether they need permits to get the job done.

Roof replacement tends to be one area that varies significantly depending on whether you need permission or not. This guide will help you understand if you need a roof replacement permit.

Does Replacing Your Roof Require Planning Permission?

Roof replacement used to be more straightforward before the legislation was introduced in 2010, setting out a new set of rules regarding planning permission. Because of the new conditions, understanding whether you need permits to replace your roof can get confusing.

There are instances where you won't be required to file with the Council for planning permission, but there are others they'll need informing. This guide will outline the primary conditions where you will or won't require a permit for roof replacement.

But first, let's see if your roof needs replacing.

Signs Your Roof Needs Replacing

Here's why you need to replace your roof.

1. You're finding water damage in your house.

The first indicator that you'll need to consider replacing your roof is that you're finding water damage around the upper rooms in your home. Even minor instances of water getting inside or pooling mean you should consider the problem before it worsens.

2. There's sunlight seeping into your attic.

Attics are meant to be dark spaces, but if you see that it's more lit up than it should be, there may be cracks or holes in your roof. Find the source of sunlight to see if it can be patched up quickly, but if not, a roof replacement might be necessary.

3. The tiles on your roof look worse for wear.

Is there moss and mould on top of the roof tiles? Are they starting to slip, sag, or curl? Any instance where the tiles look out of place, damaged, or blemished could mean that your roof is due for a replacement.

4. Your roof hasn't been maintained in a long time.

Well-designed roofs can last for decades, even close to a century in some cases. However, you've lived on the property for a long and never maintained your roof. In that case, it's always worth having a professional review of its integrity and safety standards.

So what are the rules regarding roof replacement, and when would you need planning permission?

What Are the Rules for Replacing Your Roof?

As you can see from the above, there are varying reasons why you would need to replace your roof. Some jobs can be minor improvements to maintain integrity; others can be replacements for cosmetic reasons.

Note that rules and regulations are subject to change, and it's always worth getting in touch with your local authority to understand if you need planning permission. However, you can find a general outline below of whether you'll need a roof replacement permit.

Conditions Where You'll Need Planning Permission

Here's when you'll need to apply for planning permission to replace your roof.

• If you're changing the height of your roof when replacing

• You're installing solar panels on the roof replacement

• More than 25% of the existing roof is being replaced

• You're planning to install skylights or solar panels

Conditions Where You Don't Need Planning Permission

And this is when you're unlikely to need planning permission for roof replacements.

• Any alterations aren't higher than the existing roof.

• All alterations must not be more than 150mm from the current roof plane

• Less than 25% is being replaced

• You're not installing skylights or solar panels

While these are roof replacement rules, what if you want to install a new roof entirely?

Do You Need Planning Permission to Install a New Roof?

If you're installing a brand new roof with significant changes over the previous one, you will likely need planning permission. You can get in touch with the Council and discuss your roofing plans, and they'll let you know whether permits are required to proceed with the works.

Consult with the Roofing Experts If You're Still Unsure

It's understandable if you're still unsure whether you need planning permission for your roof replacement. The number of rules and regulations can make navigating the process a bit labyrinth.

However, you can rely on Cambridge Roofing & Plastics to advise on planning permission and replace your roof seamlessly. Contact their support team should you have any queries about a roof replacement.