How Long Does It Take to Put a New Roof On?

March 2023
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Getting a new roof for your home isn't a minor task, and it's hard to imagine how long such a colossal project will take. After all, contractors will have to strip off the most significant part of your property and meticulously put a new one together piece by piece.

Most of us don't have time to wait for a new roof to be finished, leading us to ask, how long will it take to put a new roof on? This guide will answer the average time to completion and walk you through the roofing process.

What's the Average Time It Takes for a New Roof Installation?

So how long can a homeowner expect it to take for a new roof installation? Generally, the construction process will span around two to three days. Still, it can be longer depending on roof size and other factors.

You'll need to add additional time for the entire process. You'll need to plan the project with the contractor and apply for planning permission. Depending on the scale of the job, it could take around one to two weeks for installation.

So what's involved in the process over the outlined time?

What's the Process for Installing a New Roof?

Here's the general process for installing a new roof in the average timeframe mentioned above.

1. The contractor will assess the existing roof, making crucial decisions about the new one.

The professional hired to install the new roof will start the process by examining the current one. The contractors decide what materials best suit your roof, discussing the anticipated results and expectations with the homeowner.

2. The required assets will be ordered and delivered to the site.

Once the homeowner is happy with the plans, the contractor will order all the materials required for the new roof. The assets will be delivered to the site, where the work will begin swiftly.

3. Scaffolding will be put up to start work on the new roof.

The roofing professionals will get the project rolling by erecting scaffolding and placing protective assets around the exteriors of your home. It's worth it for the homeowner to discuss whether they must protect any other possessions or structures inside the house.

4. The existing roof will get stripped of its materials.

Once the scaffolding is safely up and your home exteriors secure, the existing roof will start to get stripped. The contractor will usually begin with the furthest corner of your roof, moving towards where the skip is located and removing it in sections.

5. The contract will start installing the new roof.

After the old roof has been stripped, the contractor will begin installing the new roof. The process generally consists of installing underlayers, placing the shingles over them, and finishing with ridge capping.

Installation procedures can vary depending on the type of roof being installed.

6. Once installed, all the debris will get cleaned up.

Naturally, with every construction process, debris and excess materials will be around after the job is complete. The contractor will clean up on and around the roof to ensure your home is in exceptional condition.

7. Final inspections will ensure quality and safety with the finished roof.

After the area is clean, the supervising contractor will inspect the roof, ensuring it meets safety standards and matches the expected quality outlined in the beginning. Once all is checked off, and both parties are content, the job is done.

Of course, sometimes installing a new roof can take longer because things don't go to plan. So what can delay the project?

What Can Delay a New Roof Installation?

Several things can add to the planned time for a new roof installation. While contractors will do their best to complete the project as quickly as possible, a few factors can extend the timeline.

Those include:

• If the area is experiencing particularly adverse weather

• There are issues getting permits and planning permissions

• The contractor has found anomalies in the roofing system

• There are delays with the suppliers delivering the roofing materials

• Issues correlated with a new home development

Other unforeseen issues can cause delays in installing a new roof. However, most competent contractors will ensure all problems are addressed before starting the project.

Do You Need a New Roof Installed?

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