When is a Roof Old?

January 2023
When is a Roof Old

The roof is one of the most crucial parts of a home, providing shelter from adverse weather and keeping the property insulated. That's why age can be a concern, as the roof would be more exposed to issues.

Many homeowners want to address old roofs before problems can occur, but how do you even know if your roof is old in the first place? You can contact professionals roofers near you to inspect and report or read on to learn more about roof age.

When is a Roof Considered Old?

Roofs are considered old when their age has surpassed their defined lifespan. The average age of a roof when it's considered old is around 25-30 years from its installation. Still, it can differ according to the materials used.

Just because a roof is old doesn't mean it needs repair or replacement, as it could still be in relatively good condition. If it's maintained, the lifespan significantly increases and can last longer than the average age.

However, the lifespan could shorten if your roof is subjected to extreme conditions regularly, like heat, storms, and wind. Older roofs generally don't hold up well against adverse weather. So it's vital to determine your roof's age and consider additional action to keep your property intact.

But what if you don't know your roof's age?

What If I Don't Know My Roof's Age?

There may be documentation in your home that says when the roof was last replaced, or a new one was installed. However, many homeowners need access to that information, leaving them concerned about whether their roofs are old and might need replacing.

Nobody likes to be left with surprise problems on the roof, such as breakages, leaks, or dampness. Knowing your roof's age and addressing potential issues can save time and money.

What are the Signs That My Roof is Old?

Some homeowners may know the last time their roof was inspected and addressed, while others may have yet to. If you need clarification on the roof's age, how can you tell it's old? Here are a few signs.

1. You're starting to see issues with the shingles on your roof.

If you see more than a few cracked, misshapen, or curling shingles on your roof, that may be a sign that your roof is in poor condition. Shingle issues are a surefire sign that your roof has aged and may need complete replacing rather than repairing.

2. There are cracks and breaks throughout the roof.

Expanding on the issues with singles, if you're finding cracks and breaks throughout the roof's exterior and interior, your roof may be old. Although many of these issues aren't immediately visible, it's important to thoroughly inspect your roof, as there might be more cracks and breaks than initially realised.

3. You're finding moss and algae.

Irregular growths on your roof are signs that it's starting to age. Moss and algae deposits are indicators that its integrity is beginning to wane, where moisture is seeping in and allowing these growths to develop.

4. Light is flashing into the attic.

One of the more urgent indicators that your roof is old is if you're seeing an increasing amount of light seeping into the attic. It means multiple holes and breaches are located on your property top, allowing the outside weather in and prospectively causing mounting problems.

5. You see more exposed nails.

The roof may be ageing if you detect more exposed nails on shingles or roof bases. This is also an indicator that the contractor potentially did a sub-standard job in installation. But whatever the case, this means that roof issues need addressing.

6. It has been a while since it has had a professional inspection.

Ask yourself, when was the last time you had your roof inspected? If you've had your home for a while and the answer is 'never', it's likely that your roof is old.

So if you've ticked some of these boxes, your roof might be old. What are the next steps?

What Shall I Do If My Roof is Considered Old?

The first action if you've identified that you have an old roof is to get a professional inspection. We area qualified, trusted roofer at Cambridge Roofing & Plastics to review your roof and highlight any issues that can compromise its integrity.

From there, you'll know whether your roof is considered old and get professional insight into whether it needs repairs or replacement. Get in touch with us today for peace of mind about your property.